Digital Man
Digital Man Movie Poster
Country USA United States
Directed by Phillip J. Roth
Release Date 1995
Studio Green Communications
Sci-Fi Productions
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sgt. Anders Ken Olandt
Gena Kristen Dalton
D1 aka "Digital Man" Matthias Hues
Gen. Roberts Ed Lauter
Thomas B. Jackson Sherman Augustus
Woon Woon Young Park
Linda Donna Magnani
Capt. West Adam Baldwin

Digital Man is a 1995 science fiction action movie directed by Phillip J. Roth. In not-so-distant future a battle cyborg is sent to eliminate of group of terrorists who possess the launch codes of nuclear missiles. But due to a sabotage he disappears in a desert on South-West of USA, so a group of commandos is sent after him.

The following weapons were used in the film Digital Man:


Glock 17Edit

All military personnel, including A2 Group commandos, Gen. Roberts (Ed Lauter) and Capt. West (Adam Baldwin), carry Glock 17 pistols. Several terrorists in the opening scene are also seen with Glocks.


1st Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm

Digital Man-Glock-2

The leader of the terrorists (uncredited) draws his Glock.

Digital Man-Glock-4

Anders (Ken Olandt) and Gena (Kristen Dalton) carry Glocks in holsters.

Digital Man-Glock-5

Anders cocks his Glock.

Digital Man-Glock-6

Linda (Donna Magnani) fires a Glock.

Digital Man-Glock-8

A close view of Gen. Roberts's pistol.

Digital Man-Glock-9

Dr. Parker (Paul Gleason) holds a Glock.

Digital Man-Glock-10

Jackson (Sherman Augustus) fires two Glocks akimbo.

Digital Man-Glock-12

Gen. Roberts holds his pistol in the final scene.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 CompetitorEdit

A Smith & Wesson Model 629 Competitor revolver is a personal handgun of the sheriff (Cliff Emmich) in Badwater. Later it is seen in hands of Billy Bates (Don Swayze) and Susie (Chase Masterson).


Smith & Wesson M629 "Performance Center" with custom weighted barrel and scope rails - .44 Magnum

Digital Man-Revolver-1

The sheriff draws his revolver.

Digital Man-Revolver-3

Billy checks the revolver before giving it to Susie.

Digital Man-Revolver-4

Susie holds the revolver.

Digital Man-Revolver-5

She tries to threaten the commandos.

Digital Man-Revolver-6

Sgt. Anders (Ken Olandt) disarms Susie.

FIE TitanEdit

Billy Bates (Don Swayze) also carries a nickel plated pocket pistol that looks similar to FIE Titan.

FIE Titan 25

FIE Titan Pocket Pistol - .25 ACP

Digital Man-Pistol-1

Billy draws his pistol. Note an open-top slide.

Digital Man-Pistol-2

Another view of Billy's pistol.


Mossberg 500 CruiserEdit

When D1 appears in Badwater, Billy Bates (Don Swayze) meets him with a Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotgun.


Mossberg 500 Cruiser - 12 gauge

Digital Man-Shotgun-1

Billy tries to protect his satellite dish from the cyborg.

Mossberg 590 CruiserEdit

A Mossberg 590 Cruiser with extended magazine tube and heat shield is seen in hands of a Ida (Jeanette O'Connor).

Mossberg500 Cruiser ext

Mossberg 590 "Cruiser" with extended magazine tube and bayonet lug - 12 gauge

Digital Man-Shotgun-4

Ida takes a shotgun from sheriff's car.

Digital Man-Shotgun-5

She fires at the cyborg.

Digital Man-Shotgun-6

The heat shield is seen.

Unidentified pump action shotgunsEdit

Various pump action shotguns are seen in hands of the citizens in Badwater.

Digital Man-Shotgun-7

An old man (a cameo of film location manager Robert Lepucki) at the right holds a shotgun.

Digital Man-Shotgun-8

Two shotguns are seen on the ground at the left, dropped by frightened people.

Double Barreled ShotgunEdit

Mildred Hodges (Susan Tyrrell) uses a Double Barreled Shotgun in several scenes.

Digital Man-Shotgun-7

Mildred Hodges aims her shotgun at the left.

Digital Man-Shotgun-11

A close view of the shotgun.

Digital Man-Shotgun-12

Mildred Hodges holds her shotgun in the final scene.


Muzzelite MZ14 BullpupEdit

Ruger Mini-14 rifles in Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup configuration are used by several terrorists in the opening scene. MP personnel on the base also carry these rifles.


Ruger Mini-14 in a Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup stock - 5.56x45mm

Digital Man-MZ14-1

A terrorist fires an MZ14. It it fitted with some sighting device.

Digital Man-MZ14-2

The leader of the terrorists holds an MZ14.

Digital Man-MZ14-3

"Enemies" carry MZ14s during the computer simulation training of A2 Commando.

Digital Man-MZ14-4

An MP holds an MZ14.